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Jungeun Lee

  JUNGEUN LEE Statement During the Second World War (1932-1945), hundreds of thousands of Korean women became “Comfort Women,” which is a euphemism for women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. These women were conscripted into many Asian countries from Korea and imprisoned at military comfort stations. After the war, many of […]


Danielle Scruggs

  DANIELLE SCRUGGS Statement Taking photographs allows me to articulate things I do not often express in my day to day life. It’s a way for me to distill my experiences and thoughts into light and shadow on a screen or a print. Being a photographer and having a camera in hand also gives me […]


Joanna Tam

  JOANNA TAM Statement The gesture of putting “the right hand over the heart” is specified in Title 4, Section 4 (Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag; Manner of Delivery) and Title 36, Section 301 (National Anthem) of the Code of Laws of the United States. Manner of Delivery is an attempt to explore the […]


Nina Kuo

Statement Making the portrait come alive with her own sense of character and life experience, Nina explores the private world of personal identity and destiny for the new Asian American. Using the landscape/environment that surrounds the lives and decisions of her subjects, she fantasizes their future and spiritual world through the reality of mundane activities […]


Yoshi Sugitatsu

Statement When I was a kid , I loved to daydream. I liked to escape from reality. My daydreams were always traveling in my fantasy world. I created my fantasy worlds from fairy tales. The Soap Bubbles series is a recreation of my daydreams. I use the soap bubble as a metaphor for myself, traveling […]


Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

Statement My work through the mediums of photography and installation “documents” daily activities in different daily settings. I have been making self-portraits as triptychs that explore the passage of time and the relationship of the individual to the environment. I am interested in alluding to performance and voyeurism to investigate the role of the photograph […]


Dorothy Imagire

Statement Our Cosmetic Case, 2002 For this piece, I chose only illustrations of non-white, non-black women on products in our society. These images become complicated for me because at the same time that I try to identify with these images, I resent having to compare myself to them. The compacts demonstrate the comparison made between […]


Tulu Bayar

Statement The recent increase in violence and incendiary rhetoric (which in turn, only begets more violence), has affected me deeply as it has most people. As tensions rise and the world braces for an ideological standoff, perhaps now, more than ever, there is a need for understanding and open discourse which addresses the similarities of […]


Noelle Tan

Statement While Untitled and Drawings may differ visually and in content, both challenge customary expectations of photography. They function in a singular manner, interacting with conceptions of photography and photographic processes. These bodies of work depict landscapes that hover between emerging and being, the seen and the subliminal. Unlike traditional landscape images, they are landscape […]