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Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

Statement An Indian from India As an immigrant, I am often questioned about where I am “really from.” When I say that I am Indian, I often have to clarify that I am an Indian from India. Not an American-Indian, but rather an Indian-American, South-Asian Indian or even an Indian-Indian. It seems strange that all […]


Howard Henry Chen

Statement I have spent the last few years living and photographing in Vietnam. It was a heady time to be there as a young Vietnamese American who came of age in the United States, as I witnessed changing social and political sensibilities and the demanding reach of economic and cultural globalism. Before I first arrived […]


Stephen Marc

Statement My work is an extended exploration of the African Diaspora. During my residency in Woodstock, I photographed and began the construction of new montages based on the places that I visited. Several of the pieces have been absorbed into a larger ongoing project titled Passage on the Underground Railroad, where they have become important […]


Kunié Sugiura

Statement Kunie Sugiura’s photograms are unlike their near relative, the traditional photograph, they are both not-here and here, not-now and now. By deliberately turning back the clock to the earliest era in photo history, she reminds us of the fragile, slight foundation upon which the triumph of the reproductive regime rests. Sugiura employs only indexical […]


Juri Kim

Statement My recent work represents the complexity of communication. These images reveal how different cultural and ethnic methods of communication intersect with my own daily life. I search for a relationship between the single hand alphabet of the deaf and the visual language of myself and other artists. I have created my own system of […]


Danny Tisdale

Statement “The Journey” Series is part of “Danny Tisdale: An Artist for Change”, a larger public-based work, originated in the mid-1990’s. These photo works started as single images, documenting the communities where he has had artist-in-residencies in such locations as Los Angeles, Houston, Hartford, Harlem, Syracuse, St. Louis, Sioux Falls, Chicago and Woodstock. The photo […]


Charles Martin

Statement In a relaxed and spare, almost minimalist style, Charles Martin’s black and white photographs visit and contemplate a continuous, yet unnamed socio-historical space – a type of floating crossroads defined by the various dislocations and dispersions that shape contemporary life in the Western World. Bio Charles Martin was raised in Yeadon, Pennsylvania where he […]


Susan Evans

Statement Text as photograph raises questions about the human thought process, the categorization of data, visual language processing and our individual cultural/social conditioning. Bio Born April 1966, Susan did her undergraduate work at Goddard College in Vermont and received her MFA in Photography from Cornell University in upstate New York. Her work is represented by […]