Regional Collegiate Invitational Exhibition

April 11 – May 24, 2009

An invitational exhibition featuring up and coming image makers from the regions’ photography programs including Bard College, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Albany, College of St. Rose, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Marist College, Vassar and Hartwick Colleges.

Nestled in New York State’s Hudson Valley and Capital District regions are some of the nation’s most engaging Universities and Colleges where the next exciting generation of image-makers are learning their craft and honing their skills. This spring, the Center for Photography at Woodstock is excited to celebrate the tremendous mentorship of the region’s photography programs and the emerging voices they are nurturing. PICS 2009 highlights twelve artists from eight schools, who have been nominated by their heads of their respective photography programs.

For this, our inaugural PICS exhibition, CPW invited the photography departments of Bard College, The College of St. Rose, Hartwick College, Marist College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Albany, SUNY New Paltz, and Vassar College to nominate one exceptional student from each of their undergraduate programs and, where applicable, one student from their graduate program. Each photography department nominated its strongest voices to represent their program.

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Chris Austin attends the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College. Penelope Umbrico has nominated Chris to participate in the PICS 2009 exhibition. Ms. Umbrico says of his work, “His use of the camera as both tool for recording and as a site of interest, creates dynamic inversions that result in photographs that challenge our perceptions of photographic cause and effect. In these photographs, process, exploration, subject matter, and documentation collapse into singular form and become material evidence of a kind of re-calibration of all things photographic.” Stephen Shore, of Bard College, has nominated Kate Stone, an undergraduate senior, remarking “Kate’s work is conceptually inventive, highly ambitious, and wonderfully executed.”

Jennifer Flagg is an undergraduate senior at The College of Saint Rose who has been nominated by Tom Santelli. Tom Santelli feels that Jennifer’s current work “…explores those sometimes recognizable subtleties and nuances that often inhabit our everyday lives. Those quiet yet significant moments serve to define not only who we are, but also our connection to others and the world around us.”

Included in the exhibit from Hartwick College is undergraduate senior Emily Gilbert. Nominator Katharine Kreisher praises Emily’s work: “Emily Gilbert is a gifted image-maker and high energy multi-tasker whose photography shows pictures of food that are ‘larger than life.’ These exuberant photographs are also self portraits charged with personal associations. ”

Dan McCormack, of Marist College, has nominated undergraduate photography student Grady Kline. About Grady’s work exhibited in PICS, Dan McCormack says, “I think Grady has had the most fun with this camera (his Polaroid Land 250) because it was not working when he got the camera. His images made with this camera are simple snapshots of friends but the task of getting the camera to work was epic.”

PICS includes the work of two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students: Blair Neal, a graduate student and Natt Phenjati, an undergraduate sophomore. The two were nominated by Pauline Oliveros and Kathleen Ruiz, respectively. Kathleen Ruiz says of Natt, “Natt is originally from Thailand and his work in photography and digital media reflects his sensitivity to the trans-national and universal human condition, whether it be on a journey with young teens, compelling portraits, landscapes, or street photography from Thailand.”

Ray Felix is a graduate student at SUNY Albany. He was nominated by Daniel Goodwin who has remarked, “I have always been impressed by his ability to reinvent his work from project to project- each time with equal intensity and passion- making such a juggling act appear simple, natural, even graceful.” Also from SUNY Albany, undergraduate photography student Leigh LaBrake has been nominated by Phyllis Galembo, “Leigh has been extremely committed to photography and has produced an in-depth project on the culture of snowboarding.”

SUNY New Paltz photography faculty members Francois Deschamps and Ann Lovett have nominated undergraduate Eileen Carpenter and graduate student Patty Tyrol for PICS 2009. Francois has told CPW, “Eileen Carpenter’s beautifully crafted digital prints evoke a melancholy sense of relationships and situations which is extremely deep for such a young photographer.” Of Tyrol, he says, “Patty Tyrol’s blue print photograms deal with issues of home in an elegant and expansive way which pushes the medium of ‘writing with light.’ She sits at the cusp of printmaking and photography, honoring both media.”

Joining the exhibition from Vassar College is undergraduate student Mary Catherine Halfpenny. Her nominator Judy Linn has told CPW, “Halfpenny is an accomplished painter. She brings to photography her astute visual intelligence.” “(Her photographs) are quite bold and tackle preconceived concepts of what is appropriate photographic subject matter.”
The emerging student photographers featured in PICS, represent the exciting work and diverse range of inquiries coming from our region’s photography programs. Together, their talent creates an engaging view of the future of the photographic arts.

Chris Austin

Eileen Carpenter

Ray Felix

Jennifer Flagg

Emily Gilbert

Mary Catherine Halfpenny

Grady Kline

Leigh LaBraike

Blair Neal

Natt Phenjati

  Kate Stone

Patty Tyrol