PR: Mine.Yours.Ours.



on view: June 27 – September 7, 2015
opening reception: Saturday 6-8pm, June 27, 2015

The Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) is pleased to announce Mine.Yours.Ours. curated by Rachel Adams, Associate Curator for the University at Buffalo Art Galleries, and featuring work by artists William Lamson, Melanie Schiff, Barry Stone, Richard T. Walker, and Letha Wilson.

Landscape is closely linked to notions of identity, history, cultural and personal memory and experience. While artists such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston defined traditional notions of landscape photography, Mine.Yours.Ours. brings together five contemporary artists who continue to explore the magnetic pull of our landscape through various photographic techniques. Expanding upon traditionalism, each artist moves fluidly between fictive and non-fictive spaces, challenging and enhancing collective knowledge and existing articulations of the landscape. Invigorated by the history landscape painting and photography, these artists allow new techniques, processes, and methods of display to be in the forefront of their work. From poetically performing in the landscape to digitally altering the code of a photographic file to marrying a print with concrete, each work represents the varied American landscape as a place that simultaneously encompasses the historical and cultural identity of a country while ever evolving both naturally and in the conscious of the people.

Mine.Yours.Ours. reinvigorates the concept of landscape as a site for appropriation and the formation of identity. While referencing Woody Guthrie’s iconic folk song This Land is Your Land in the title, the artists expand upon romantic themes often associated with landscape painting and photography and directly raise the question of photography’s ability to document a place and add to its collective history. Curator Rachel Adams has cited the quote from Tim Cresswell’s Place: A Short Introduction (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2004) as a touchstone for the exhibition: “A picture of a field can be simply a picture of a field; its significance can only be materialized by human experience.”

William Lamson (Brooklyn, NY) makes visible what is already present. His photographs and video often find him interacting with his environment. Lamson’s works are formal, mysterious, and playful—investigating the complexity of our relationship with the landscape.

Melanie Schiff (Los Angeles, CA) selectively crops her landscapes, photographing scenes that are slightly out of the ordinary. Her engagement with the landscape and her precise sensitivity to the particularities of light yield revelations filled with the residue of others.

Barry Stone (Austin, TX) has continued his interest in digital technology in the photographic process. Currently, Stone has discovered data bending, which involves reworking the actual digital code of his images. With his new works, photographed in Texas and Maine, he relies both digital means and chance to create prints that are extremely altered from the original negative.

Richard T. Walker (San Francisco, CA) has an active video, photography, and sculpture practice in which he ventures out to vast areas of the American west to create work. Walker’s practice showcases the artist occupying a position reminiscent of the classic romantic figure in a film contemplating the infinite, awe-inspiring mysteries of an impersonal natural world.

Letha Wilson’s (Brooklyn, NY) photographic sculptures explore the contrasts between the natural world and the man-made. She embeds photographs of nature into materials such as concrete, wood and Styrofoam or conversely, those materials into photographs. These physical elements form combinations that strike a balance between abstraction and representation, landscape and architecture.

Rachel Adams is the newly-appointed Associate Curator for the University at Buffalo Art Galleries. She was most recently the 4th Curator-in-Residence at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, OR, curating the 2014-15 season with artists including Andy Coolquitt, Bahar Yurukoglu, Kevin Cooley, and Pablo Rasgado. From 2010 to 2013, she was the Associate Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs at The Contemporary Austin, curating a number of exhibitions and video projects, including exhibitions with Devon Dikeou, Seher Shah, Amie Siegel and Ragnar Kjartansson. She is the co-founder and co-director with Catherine Gavin and Igor Siddiqui for Field Constructs Design Competition in Austin, which takes place in November of 2015.

Prior to moving to Texas, Adams lived in San Francisco and Chicago, curating at Queens Nails Projects and David Cunningham Projects in San Francisco and co-directing Lloyd Dobler Gallery in Chicago from 2006-2008. Her writing has been included in exhibition catalogues for Prospect.3 New Orleans, and the 2012 Texas Prize as well as, Art Papers, Art Practical, Modern Painters, and Texas Architect. Adams holds an MA in Exhibition and Museum Studies from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her first exhibition at the University at Buffalo Art Galleries, Splitting Light, opens in September 2015

A gallery talk led by exhibition curator Rachel Adams along with artists in the exhibition will take place prior to the opening reception beginning at 5:30pm.

CPW invites groups and individuals to schedule tours and gallery talks of the exhibition Mine.Yours.Ours.

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©William Lamson, Untitled. 4.27.2013 Dry Lake Harper CA, 2013, 8×12” Digital C-Print (Detail)