The workshop program specifically catered to my interest in photographic production, but also cultivated my professional ambitions to become an arts educator. The workshop program introduced me to photographic techniques that will shape my career as an image maker; the breadth of the curriculum no doubt eclipses that of undergraduate photography programs. Internships at CPW are solid building blocks of any post-grad resume, and I’m certain that my experience directly led to future opportunities. The colleagues I met at CPW are incredible professionals who I am proud to consider amongst my friends.

-Schuyler Duffy, 2012 Workshop Intern

The internship showed me that working with other artists is really important to me. I like being able to facilitate a creative process while also learning from it. It was nice having such a dynamic internship. Each day that I came in I would be working on something different. I’m so grateful for all the experience and memories that I gained from my summer at CPW.

-Sam Cannon, 2012 Arts Administration Intern

My MFA program was completely online, [so] for me to be immersed in a contemporary photographic gallery setting was truly valuable. I feel that, compared to fellow classmates, I deeply enriched my understanding of the contemporary art world, in general, and of contemporary photography in particular. Now I feel confident in moving forward as an artist myself and also in seeking gallery opportunities because I have gotten a glimpse of what happens from the inside.

-Pilar Arthur-Snead, 2011 Arts Administration Intern
Currently: Chief Photographer & Owner of Photographic Expressions; 2013 MFA Graduate, Academy of Art University

[CPW] provided the comfort of  an educational environment  where [I was] able to continue to learn as a student while at the same time beginning to train and react as a professional in the industry. I gained the professional confidence I needed to go out and face finding a job, and acquired experience interacting with people I admired and looked up to in the industry at a level that was different from being a college student. More than anywhere else I have interned or worked, I felt a strong sense of community, compassion and security [at CPW], which is the most important kind of environment for beginning your career as a professional.

-Katelyn Russell, 2011 Workshop Intern

I chose to do the Arts Administration Internship at CPW because it was my last semester at SUNY New Paltz and I had a light course load. My experience at CPW gave me the tools to succeed as an artist and boosted my self confidence while it also solidified my passion and love for non-profit work. I was exposed to different kinds of work and met artists I would never have came in contact with if I hadn’t been an intern at CPW.  The staff was super encouraging and patient. They always made me feel like part of the family. Overall, I felt more prepared and confident to enter the real art world as the Arts Administration internship filled in certain cracks that my schooling had overlooked (like how to market yourself, different opportunities and resources for artists throughout the country, how to curate an exhibition, etc.) After graduation I moved to the west coast, and with the help of CPW I found a job at a photography center in Seattle.

-Stef Shively, 2011 Arts Administration Intern
Currently: MFA Candidate in Studio Arts, concentration in Photography, the University of South Carolina

Undergrad taught me the technical aspect of photography that I needed so as to be able to make the images I imagined; but what it barely touched on was the art side of the photography world I wanted to be a part of.  My one summer as a Workshop Intern at CPW was more of an education in the photography art world than all four years of my undergrad combined.  Getting to show my work to Sam Abell, Mary Ellen Mark, David Hilliard, and Constantine Manos felt like I had won the lottery.  In addition to putting faces to names of photographic greats, the sheer beauty and majesty of the Hudson Valley, which I found so intoxicating and inspiring, was more than paralleled by the exceptional CPW staff and the friends I made there.

-Allie Ellis, 2010 Workshop Intern
Currently: Freelance Digital Tech and Assistant Photographer

…the internship experience in itself proved an invaluable platform from which I could identify personal strengths in exhibition installation that I would subsequently cultivate at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) and for Christie’s Contemporary Art Sales in London. As a learning experience, [CPW] set a benchmark for later opportunities in the arts.

Jacques Talbot, 2010 Arts Administration Intern
Currently: Masters Student in History of Art, Design and Visual Culture, University of Alberta, Canada

CPW was pivotal in my growth as an artist and young professional.  I entered the internship as an ambitious senior in college, anxious to “get out” but keep learning and supplement academia with some real life work experience (while gaining college credits!).  Almost 4 years later and I still live here, have a wonderful community, work for inspiring & successful artists and have a freelance career of my own.

-Jenn Morse, 2010 Arts Administration & Workshop Intern
Currently: Freelance Photographer and Artist Assistant for John Dugdale and Sharon Core

I sought an internship at CPW to bridge the gap between college and the Real World. I knew I wanted to be in the art world, I just wasn’t sure how or where.  A lot of the behind the scenes work that I participated in at CPW (i.e. organizing events, creating projects with the look and feel of CPW’s brand, contacting artists for materials, speaking with gallery visitors) is very reminiscent of the role that I have in my current position as an Art Director for a textile company.

-Kayla Hood, 2010 Arts Administration Intern
Currently: Art Director for Feizy Rugs in Dallas, TX

I was interested in learning more about arts administration and curation, and was considering entering into a masters program. [The Arts Administration Internship] gave me the knowledge that I needed to make an educated decision about my future.  While I didn’t ultimately end up going into arts administration or curation, CPW gave me to opportunity to explore the field on a much deeper level than I would have been able to otherwise.

-Rachel Bank, Arts Administration Intern 2007
Currently: Social Media Marketing Manager and Photographer