CPW Library


One of the most extensive collections of photographic publications in the mid-Hudson region, CPW’s library is home to more than 1,400 photo-related monographs, critical texts, exhibition catalogs, technical manuals, and periodicals including Aperture, Art Papers, Nueva Luz, CPW’s own PQ and Blindspot, among others. Notably, the library also features books from the private collection of André Kertész, including many non-English publications.

The library is free and open to the public. Visits may be made by appointment. The library is non-circulating, meaning books may not leave the building,

Donations to the library are accepted on a rolling basis. Recent additions to the library include Brian Ulrich’s Is This Place Great or What?, Robert Adams’ The Place We Live, Michal Chelbin’s The Black Eye, and Diego Uchitel’s Polaroids.