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Pat Horner LINKED INTERPRETATIONS April 1 – May 6, 2000 In my collages I use imaginative juxtapositions of unrelated images, (many of which I have photographed, painted, or drawn myself – others I appropriate from books, magazines, or other’s work) which find their source in the irrational, ambiguous realm of the subconscious. Inspired by the […]

Woodstock Music & Art

Woodstock Music & Art curated by Kathleen Kenyon and Kate Menconeri featuring Nancy Bogen, Ken Franckling, William Gamble, Ron Naar, Shelly Rusten, Andrea Barrist Stern, and William Wade November 20 – December 19, 1999 music … art … …it’s what defines Woodstock – and why we are celebrated as – the small town known around the […]

Joan Lebold Cohen

Joan Lebold Cohen Asian Studies II November 20 – December 19, 1999 It was all very innocent in the beginning. I had to have slides to teach about Asian art history. I had no notion of being a photographer or that I would become addicted. What began as a simple documenting exercise of people and […]

Nina Kuo

Nina Kuo CHI PAO (CHINESE BANNER DRESSES) September 25 – November 7, 1999 This mixed media installation addresses gender stereotypes in conventions of femininity prevalent in Chinatown. Nina Kuo’s Chinese style dresses incorporate film stills from the 1940s – 1950s that evoke the post World War II era of Hong Kong movies, where Western and […]

Personal Permanent Records: Contemporary South American Photography

Personal Permanent Records: Contemporary South American Photography curated by Malin Barth featuring Alexander Apóstal, Claudia Aranovich, Sara Maneiro, Eduardo Medici, Oscar Muñoz, Luciana Naphchan, Juan Leal Ruiz, Antonio Saggese, Ana Tiscornia, Milagros De La Torre, and Janiana Tschäpe September 25 – December 19, 1999 The selection of these particular artists is based upon research I undertook […]

Picturing Home – Images from the American South

Picturing Home – Images from the American South curated by Kate Menconeri featuring Lynda Frese, Mark Goodman, William Greiner, Earlie Hudnall Jr., Nancy Marshall, Meg Reilley, Margaret Sartor, Melissa Springer, Thomas Tulis, Angela West June 5 – July 18, 1999 I was born in Boston, raised in the North, a first generation Yankee on my mother’s side. […]

Common Boundary

Common Boundary curated by Sandra S. Phillips featuring Angela Cappetta, Hideo Kobayashi, Jonathan Moller, Marla Sweeney, Margaret Sartor, Ricardo Valverde, and Terri Warpinski April 11- Sunday, May 23, 1999 Common Boundary features artists were selected from the international community by curator, Sandra S. Philips, Curator of Photographs for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This show […]


Outsiders: Women Landscape Photographers curated by Mara Miller October 25 – December 20, 1998 featuring Kathleen Larkin, Jocelyn Alloucherie, Effie Paleologou, Elaine Querry, Elene Tremblay, Victoria Veenstra Judging from what we have viewed, the making (some continue to insist on “taking”) of landscape photographs is traditionally the work of men. Is there a gender difference […]

Sarah Greer Mecklem

Sarah Greer Mecklem Taking Time October 25 – December 20, 1998 Daughter of Woodstock painters, Austin Mecklem and Marianne Appel, Sarah Greer Mecklem was born in Kingston, raised with her family in Woodstock, until she moved to New York City at the age of ten. She attended the High School of Music and Art and […]