Shauna Frischkorn, "Untitled (terrazzo)", 1998, gelatin silver print.

Shauna Frischkorn, “Untitled (terrazzo)”, 1998, gelatin silver print.

Shauna Frischkorn

These images—fragments of familiar-yet-strange interiors—are part of a series that question the notion of the absent subject. My work looks at the underlying meaning within institutional and domestic spaces (carpeted floors, tiled walls, upholstered seating, terrazzo-covered corridors). This meaning is amplified by selectively focusing on the everyday surfaces that cover these human-made environments or “containers.” On the surface, these empty containers may appear to be neutral. After a closer look, however, they become anything but neutral. Formally, I treat my subjects as interior landscapes to help viewers read themselves into the architecture. By making the familiar into something unfamiliar, I shift the viewers’ attention away from specific places and toward one’s own memories. I trigger the memory of these non-descript places by contemplating moments in which nothing can really be said to have happened and by capturing—not the instant or “decisive moment”—but rather the duration of the commonplace.

Shauna Frischkorn lives and works in Pennsylvania. She received her MFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. A solo show of her work was recently held at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Her photographs have also been shown in Buffalo at the Albright Knox Gallery and CEPA, at the Print Center in Philadelphia, the Hera Gallery in Rhode Island, the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester. Reviews of her work have been published in ARTVOICE, the Buffalo News, and PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly magazine. She has received three individual Artist Fellowships from the Chautauqua Fund for the Arts, a Stein Fine Award, and the Katherine Jackson Carnahan Fund. Shauna currently teaches art at Millersville University in Millersville, PA.