Scott Pasfield, "Untitled Adscape #2 (Car)", May 2001, gelatin silver print, 13.3x20"

Scott Pasfield, “Untitled Adscape #2 (Car)”, May 2001, gelatin silver print, 13.3×20″

Scott Pasfield

You can tell a lot about a nation from its advertising, especially the outdoor, urban variety. I have been fascinated by New York City and its outdoor billboards since I was a boy growing up on Long Island and used to ride the train into the city to visit my father. That love, among other reasons, ultimately led me to get a degree in architecture. But it wasn’t until I started studying photography years later that I began to notice the incredible interplay between the advertisements, the architecture that supported it and the society that surrounded and consumed it. The ironic, sexual and often humorous angles and relationships I seek out in these “adscapes” are so much fun to find and reveal. I hope that in my own way, I am preserving and showcasing these temporary, public, culturally significant and modern-day art forms for others to see and enjoy.

Scott Pasfield graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Architecture in 1990 and studied for a year in Paris at Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Tolbaic. He has been the recipient of notable commissions and ad campaigns – his client list includes BlackBook, FortuneInc., MetroSource, Gotham, Brides, Manhattan File, Hollywood Life and Index Mean – and has photographed various celebrities. He has also been a course instructor at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Scott currently splits his time between New York City, Eastern Long Island and Northern Vermont.