"Avril pour Alaia 1", 2006, printed later, gelatin silver print, 19 Ωx15 Ωî. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC.

“Avril pour Alaia 1”, 2006, printed later, gelatin silver print, 19 Ωx15 Ωî. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC.

Sarah Moon

Moon’s photographs are typically characterized by their appeal to the fantastic or dream world. They retain and emit a sort hypnotizing simplicity. Familiar yet disorienting, dark yet ethereal, her prints are made from Polaroid negatives. Rather than working with the positive that develops after taking a Polaroid, she turns her attention towards the thin negative that the positive is stripped away from. After the negatives are bathed, the prints can be made. This process leaves the image with an inky wash at the edges, adding to the photograph’s haunting ethereality. She uses a dark, subdued sepia palette, which she has referred to as the “tone of memory.” While this particular photograph captures her own fascination with doubles, Moon seamlessly pulls the viewer’s gaze away from their initial focal point – the face – to fall instead on the slight differences in gesture, stance, and shape of her subjects. This artistic impulse adheres to her overall photographic objective, which is to present people as individuals. “The curve of the neck, the balance of the hips, the gesture of the hand… it’s not always the face that dictates.”

Sarah Moon (Paris, France) is an award winning fashion photographer who first became noticed at the Modinsolite Exhibition of Avant-Garde Fashion Photography, arranged by Delphire Gallery in Paris (1968). She began producing photographs in 1978 and has had many solo shows since then at various locations across the world, including, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art (Kyoto, Japan), Maison de la Photographie (Moscow, Russia), Camera Work Gallery (Berlin, Germany), and the National Center for Photography (Paris, France) among others. Her most recent solo exhibition was held at the Howard Greenberg Gallery (NYC). She has also been featured in group exhibitions at Historie Naturelle (Paris, France), Art Moderne (Paris, France), Victoria & Albert Museum (London, England), and Stedejlik Museum (Amsterdam, Holland) among others. Since 1972, Moon has been the recipient of over ten prestigious photography and film awards including, 1985 Gold Award for Applied Photography from the International Center for Photography and Grand Prix National de la Photographie in 1995. Since 1980, Moon has done more than 150 clips and advertising films for such clients as Bally, Barney’s, Courreges, Danone, Dupont, Essel, Purina, Revlon, and TWA. She has published monographs, most recently including Circus (Center for Contemporary Art, Kyoto, 2003), Coincidences (Arena Editions, 2001), and Still (Weinstein Gallery, 2000). Sarah Moon’s work can be found in the permanent collections of Centre Georges Pomidou (Paris, France), George Eastman House (Rochester, NY), Museum Ludwig (Cologne, Germany) and Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, Holland). Sarah Moon is represented by the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City.