Peter Schoenberger, "Winter Wren, Sloan Gorge", 2009, archival pigment print, 11x14”

Peter Schoenberger, “Winter Wren, Sloan Gorge”, 2009, archival pigment print, 11×14”

Winter Wren, Sloan Gorge, 2009, archival pigment print, 11×14”

Peter Schoenberger

I have been an avid birder since 2005 when I caught a glimpse of a Blackburniam Warbler. It became an obsession. Eventually the camera began to come along with me.

By capturing these rare moments I hope to connect the viewer to the natural world, bringing them closer to the splendor that surrounds us and lie just beyond the edge of our daily sight.

Peter Schoenberger (Woodstock, NY) began his photography career in Philadelphia as a portraitist, but more recently, his wildlife photography has involved him in multimedia collaborations with musicians. He has been the recipient of the International Independent Music Award for his work on album covers, and his photographs have appeared in a variety of publications and in local exhibitions at the 2007 Woodstock Cycle and in an upcoming solo show at Bank of America in Woodstock, NY.