Paul Taggert, "North Central Correctional Facility, Rockwell City, Iowa", 2001, Giclee.

Paul Taggert, “North Central Correctional Facility, Rockwell City, Iowa”, 2001, Giclee.

Paul Taggart

Corrections / United States/ These photographs, taken at the Iowa Department of Corrections – North Central Correctional Facility located in Rockwell City, Iowa and Iowa State Penitentiary, are an attempt to examine the correctional system in the United States, from juvenile facilities to adult and prerelease programs. I am interested in raising questions more than answering them. With a higher percent of our population incarcerated than in any other country in the world, the public needs to be made aware in order to reexamine how we handle corrections. Something is obviously not working. Everyday prison populations are rising while crime rates are not falling relatively, is incarceration a productive avenue? Along with photographing within the walls of correctional institutions, I am interested in photographing victim’s families to see the full impact of crime on our culture. The judicial, correctional, rehabilitation, prerelease, and families of both criminals and victims are paramount to telling this story.

Paul Taggart selected by Christopher James, studies photography at the Art Institute of Boston and has taken workshops with Antonin Kratochvil and Mary Ellen Mark. He has photographed for PBS documentaries and the Farm Institute on Martha’s Vineyard. He lives in Cambridge, MA