Lawrence Getubig, "Flash Gordon!", from the series "I Want to Be Action Figure", 2009, c-print, 30x24"

Lawrence Getubig, “Flash Gordon!”, from the series “I Want to Be Action Figure”, 2009, c-print, 30×24″

Lawrence Getubig

Growing up in Asia, I used to play with toy action figures. Yet, I seldom identified as the hero in my fantasy. Instead, I projected myself as either an enamored ingenue in romance comics, as a loyal adoring sidekick, or as the cohort that would get into trouble but eventually be rescued by the hero. In re-examining the fantasy genres of my childhood, I realize my hero and object of desire have ubiquitously been western, specifically American, male constructs. Now conscious of the way I identified myself in those escapist realms as a kid, my work questions how those behaviors live on with me in the real world, as an adult, queer, Filipino-American male. I sculpt black cardboard cutouts of myself and my superheroes, arranging and photographing them in homemade sets, to relive those narratives of make believe. These photographs of childlike play are helping me contemplate and sort out my complex and often confusing attitudes towards the white male as an object of desire and a racial other.

In 2008, Lawrence Getubig received his MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in conjunction with Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Getubig also holds a BS from the University of Oregon. His work has been shown at the Laverne Krause Gallery (Eugene, OR), Tremont 647, the Aidekman Gallery at Tufts University, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (all in Boston, MA). Getubig has been awarded the School of the Museum of Fine Arts International Travel Grant, the Yousuf Karsh Prize in Photography, and the Boit Award. He has worked at various art institutions, including the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Chester College, and the Cloud Foundation, and currently lives and works as Associate Faculty in Photography at Longwood University in Keysville, Virginia.

Lawrence Getubig was an artist in residence at CPW in 2009.