Laura Wulf, "Untitled (25030706)", 2007, unique photogram with etching, 20 x 24”

Laura Wulf, “Untitled (25030706)”, 2007, unique photogram with etching, 20 x 24”

Laura Wulf

This work is based in the photographic process and is influenced by drawing. I explore how photographic materials can be used, other than for strictly reproductive purposes, by scratching with a sharp tool or sandpaper directly into the emulsion of color photographic paper, which has been exposed as a photogram without the use of a negative. Color photographic paper is very limited in terms of texture and surface, but these limitations have allowed me to focus into a territory of mark-making and color relationships with infinite possibilities. I am fascinated by this paradoxical experience, whereby setting strict limits reveals and allows for limitlessness. Blending the primitive act of scratching with the modern technology of color photography and collaborating with chance, has allowed my curiosity to be open to, and moved by, the unknown and the previously unseen. The work explores mark-making, as well as the material’s potential for color, and each piece is unique. The resulting pieces refer to painting and drawing, and are part of an ontological dialogue across media.

Laura Wulf has shown widely, including a solo show at Foley Gallery and in group exhibitions at the DeCordova Museum (Lincoln, MA), Boston Center for the Arts, Bernard Toale Gallery, and The Photographic Resource Center (all in Boston, MA.) Wulf was an artist-in-resident at the Vermont Studio Center and a 2002 finalist for the Museum of Fine Art’s Maud Morgan Prize. Her work can be found in the public collection of the DeCordova Museum.