Kelley Badham, "For Dylan One Day", 20x24.

Kelley Badham, “For Dylan One Day”, 20×24.

Kelly Badham

A regret,
a single regret
makes a
What is
a door way?
a door way
is a photograph.
– Gertrude Stein, What Happened

When a haunting feeling persists, I know a photograph is on its way. At this time it seems as if all that is being asked of me is to answer an inescapable question, one that is, for one reason or another, most troubling. From this snaps forth the images – often mirroring the pressures and imprints left by the unresolved. It’s the crude matter needing to be set outside and gingerly examined – the regrets that provide a glimpse into the elusive realities, the most secret habitations of one’s own substance. A photograph examined and dreamt alive can ease the tension created just by looking at it.

Kelley Badham has recently moved from California to the east coast town of Princeton, New Jersey. She earned a BFA at the San Francisco Institute of Art in 1997 and has shown her work in California at the Still Lights Gallery, Santa Monica Fine Arts, Diego Rivera Gallery, and Studio 16.