Kathleen Sweeney, "Waves", 2005, DVD

Kathleen Sweeney, “Waves”, 2005, DVD

Kathleen Sweeney

Wave, a single-channel digital video, layers footage of girls wearing white dresses while swimming underwater in a turquoise pool with reverse-motion imagery of Atlantic Ocean waves. Wave alludes to a power below the surface, myths of nymphs carried out to sea and a subtext of girls gone missing. Boundaries blur between shore and shoreline, swimming and drowning, legend and reality.

Kathleen Sweeney is a media artist and writer. She holds a B.A. in French Literature from New York University and a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State University. She currently teaches courses in Media Studies at the New School and Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College. Over the past ten years, Sweeney’s award-winning video art has shown at South by Southwest Film Festival; Denver International Film Festival; Walker Art Center; The Knitting Factory; and Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, Germany. In 2000, her work was nominated for a Rockefeller Foundation Grant in New Media. Recent exhibitions include Rosa Parks Museum, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Centro de Arte de Sevilla, Spain; Los Angeles Center for Digital Art; and DiVA, Digital Video & Art Fair, NY. She recently published a book about teenage girls, representation and media entitled Maiden USA: Girl Icons Come of Age, (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2008).