Jin Lee, Vignette Series, Color, 14x11x1", 1996

Jin Lee, Vignette Series, Color, 14x11x1″, 1996

Jin Lee

Artist Bio

(Bloomington, Illinois) takes color Polaroids of her own outstretched arms and legs, then digitizes them as oval vignettes. The resulting prints suggest the scene of a crime — a rape or murder — at the same time that they recall the splayed nude of Marcel Duchamp’s Etant Données (Philadelphia Museum of Art). Set on grass or bedlinens, or seen underwater, the pictured limbs appear detached from their bodies; the distortions of perspective, however, make it apparent that the arms and legs are those of the photographer. Lee’s photographs conflate voyeurism and self-representation, fetishism and portraiture, documentary investigation and shattering.