Jamie Nicholl, "Outdoor Pose", 1999, Gelatin Silver Print.

Jamie Nicholl, “Outdoor Pose”, 1999, Gelatin Silver Print.

Jamie Nicholl

My photographs are about city walks and scenes in my surroundings that delight me. Philadelphia is a dynamic city with many small parks and other pockets of nature tucked away in the urban landscape. It is rich with history, culture, art, architecture, sculpture, and gardens. I am drawn to the play of light over surfaces, intrigued by the shadow world, surface reflections, and what is below the surface – mystery and the unknown. Each photograph is an abstraction and creates a mood unlike the original scene.

Jamie Nicholl lives in Philadelphia and studied at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She has shown her work at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY; University City Arts League in Philadelphia, PA; and the Stage Gallery in Merrick, NY. Since 1976 she has worked as an ophthalmic photographer for hospitals in the New York and Philadelphia areas.