Jaanika Peerna, "Shoreline", 2008, DVD/video

Jaanika Peerna, “Shoreline”, 2008, DVD/video

Jaanika Peerna

I look for the universal within the particular and for the particular beyond the universal. I point my video camera towards carefully chosen ordinary phenomena such as water moving around a rock or a reflection on a car and record long takes without moving the camera in the hope that something essential about the subject matter reveals itself. I study the footage closely by slowing it way down and at times reversing it. I try looking at it upside down or sideways, all this in order to create a video which conveys something essential about the subject matter at hand beyond literal representation.

I am, after the essence of things, the inner movement reflected in the outer motion. Often a small shift in how things are represented can bring a fresh and more immediate way to see and experience the ordinary things around us. I am interested in the never ending process of becoming – no story, no beginning, no end – just the current moment in flux.

Jaanika Peerna works at the crossroads of digital and traditional media, often dealing with the themes of water, simplicity and silence. She holds an MFA in Inter-media Design from SUNY New Paltz, and she has worked as teaching artist at DIA Beacon and the Visual Thinking Strategies project of the Soros Foundation. Peerna has had solo exhibitions in New York and in Tallinn, Estonia, her native country. In 2005 Peerna was included in the publication component of CPW’s inaugural Triennial. Upcoming exhibitions include solo exhibit at Go North Gallery in Beacon, NY and participation in a group show NEW at Galerie Lavignes-Bastille, Paris, France.