Barbara Pollack, Headshot:Lucy, Cibachrome, 16x16", 1995

Barbara Pollack, Headshot:Lucy, Cibachrome, 16×16″, 1995

Barbara Pollack

Artist Statment

(New York, New York) also utilizes a Polaroid camera, snapping shots of family, friends, and acquaintences. She deliberately transgresses the fundamentals of proper amateur photography, having her subjects move in front of the camera, neglecting to focus, and allowing light sources to streak and blur the image. Rephotographed and printed in a large format, the finished “portraits” are nearly unrecognizable as such; faces, while individual, are distorted and lurid, sometimes achieving a strangeness that is uncanny. Pollack’s portraits picture anxiety in the face of human interaction, wariness, apprehension, nausea, and dread.