Anita Allyn, video still from "Melancholy Object", 2005, single channel digital video, 2:33 minutes

Anita Allyn, video still from “Melancholy Object”, 2005, single channel digital video, 2:33 minutes

Anita Allyn

In 1986, as a sophomore in art school, my best friend was killed. Her death marked an end of a certain kind of innocence regarding mortality and fantasies of the future. Her death also would emblaze ongoing epistemological questions to understand the complexity of accidents, circumstance, adjacencies and predestination.

Antia Allyn (Philadelphia, PA) is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, installation, digital media, & photography. A graduate of Kansas City Art institute (BFA) and the Museum School, Boston (MFA), her work has been exhibited internationally in South America, Israel, and India as well as throughout the US. Questioning ideas of narrative, immediacy, memory and indexing, Allyn utilizes various formal strategies including documentary, personal narrative and abstraction/looping to investigate the positioning of truth telling in a post-video age. She works independently and collaboratively as a an artist/critical thinker; part of the Philadelphia artist collective, Vox Populi and an active member of Society for Photographic Education Mid-Atlantic. She is an Associate Professor at The College of New Jersey.