Alfredo de Stefano, Firefly, 2003, Lamda print, 50 x 60"

Alfredo de Stefano, Firefly, 2003, Lamda print, 50 x 60″

Alfred De Stefano

In my recent photographs, I have intervened upon the landscape, creating scenes or sets with a wide range of natural and manmade elements. In this way, amidst the sometimes oppressive vastness, I construct and photograph intimate spaces: some of them are metaphors for the painful desertification of the planet caused by man, while others work as ironic allusions to our relationship with the desert. The action I perform deals with reintegration: it’s a reflection on what the desert has lost, but also a way of restoring its ravaged memory through a personal intervention. Obviously, in the desert, this intervention is something ephemeral, but nonetheless transcendent in the photographic memory that has managed to lend substance to a desire.

Alfredo de Stefano was born in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, in 1961. His images have appeared in numerous books, magazines, collections, and since 1982 he has participated in more than 90 individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico as well as in United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. His work has shown at such venues as GE-Galería. Monterrey, NL; Gazira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt; Luther Bean Museum, Denver, CO; Daniel Azoulay Gallery, Miami, FL; Maria Torres Gallery, Tucson, AZ; Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL; Fototeca de Nuevo León, Monterrey, NL.; Fotografía Construïda, México; Fundación Banco Centro, San José, Costa Rica; Sala de Consiglio Provinciale di Napoli, Napoli, Italy; Foto Fest 96, Houston, TX; The 7th International, Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing, China; and Focal Point Gallery, NYC. His numerous awards and scholarships include the Medal of the Selection Award from the 54º International Photography Saloon of Japan, the scholarship for “Coinvestment Projects” by the FONCA, in Mexico City, and the “Artist with Trajectory” Scholarship by the “Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes”.