Maureen Beitler, "Sisters", 11x14".

Maureen Beitler, “Sisters”, 11×14″.

Maureen Beitler

Photography is my way of celebrating the ephemeral nature of life. When I look through the lens of the camera the world is transformed into a beautiful arena where anything can happen. A brief improvisation if you will, filled with characters, props, lives to be lived, loves to be experienced, and pains to be endured. Most of my images are of people in the midst of their daily lives doing un-extraordinary things but that is where I find beauty and moments of magic. There is a persona that we all present to the world but I find if I am patient and lucky I can see beneath those very masks we use to shield ourselves and come away with a truth that only the camera allows me to see.

Maureen Beitler, a NYC based photographer, has studied with the likes of Mary Ellen Mark and Eugene Richards and taken classes at the International Center of Photography, the New School, the Toscana Photographic Workshops, and the Main Photographic Workshops. Her publications include Sun magazine and Annals of Internal Medicine.  She has been a photo assistant to Stephen Ferry and worked at MV Labs Fine Art Printing.