Mary Ellen Mark, "Mexican Circus (Three Women Performers)", 1997, Gelatin Silver print.

Mary Ellen Mark, “Mexican Circus (Three Women Performers)”, 1997, Gelatin Silver print.

Mary Ellen Mark

New York, NY

Mary Ellen, surely one of the most revered photographers in the world has served nationally as an advocate for the Center and our mission. From Workshops she has taught with us to her New York City Studio visit, it is always an honor working with this dignified educator and artist. Her photographs of world cultures and personalities are landmarks in the field. For over two and a half decades she has traveled extensively under professional assignment to make pictures that reflect a high degree of humanism. Mark’s books include: A Cry For Help, Indian Circus, and Portraits. Mary Ellen Mark: 25 Years is an exhibition currently in international tour. She is represented by Art & Commerce, NYC.