Daniel Ballesteros, " A Stack, a Circle and a Bunch",  2013. Unique, Ambrotypes on black velvet, 7x10"

Daniel Ballesteros, ” A Stack, a Circle and a Bunch”, 2013. Unique, Ambrotypes on black velvet, 7×10″


Time, history and memory are at the core of Daniel Ballesteros’ work. Using a variety of photographic mediums (digital,color film, black and white film, Polaroid, and wet-plate collodion) his images take the viewer back and forth through time all the while operating with contemporary subject matter. Ballesteros believes that our individual and collective histories are things to be learned from, but to never be beholden to them; history can educate, but it can also keep us walking down the same paths our ancestors walked. This work is not just only about place, but also is about time, it asks viewers to think not only about where they are from, but about when they are from. It is important to break from the expectations of history.

Born in Springfield, Illinois in 1980, Daniel Ballesteros is the son of a telecommunications installation technician and a secretary at a maternal fetal care center in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a third-generation Filipino-American who grew up on a steady diet of sports and mid-western hospitality. He began making photographs in undergraduate school at Webster University in St. Louis. After school he lived in Santa Fe, NM for two years working as a fine art printer, followed by two years in Chicago as a commercial photographic assistant and digital technician. Since then he has received his MFA from the University of Connecticut, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is the recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and in 2012 he was included in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers catalog and En Foco’s New Works #16 Photography Fellowship Awards. Artist’s residencies include the Center for Photography at Woodstock, the Camera Club of New York, and the Luminary Center for the Arts. His work has been exhibited internationally and is in several private and public collections.

Daniel Ballesteros was a CPW Artist-in-Residence in 2013.