I have been working with images from the media, specifically pictures from publicity shots, magazines, and movies. In this work I portray the bodies, selves, dreams, and desires that dwell in a society of consumerism. The bodies are fractured, their parts could be anybody’s; the Hollywood love stories display a standardized package of emotions. Because these bodies, faces, emotions, and dreams are so fractured, they can be appropriated by just anyone. The work thus turns into a mirror, presenting the spectator with their own processes of self-formation.

An Argentinean photographer currently based in Baltimore, Maryland, Sofia Silva works with subjects related to consumerism in society. She studied Sociology and Art History at the National University of La Plata and subsequently studied photography at the University of Buenos Aires, the International Center of Photography and with photographers Eduardo Gil and Lutz Matszche. Her photographs have been exhibited throughout the United States and Argentina, at venues including the Art Museum of the Americas (Washington, D.C.), apexart (NYC), Galeria Arte X Arte, VVVgallery (both in Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Baltimore Museum of Art, Open Society Institute, and C. Grimaldis Gallery (all in Baltimore, MD), among others. Silva was an artist in residence at Maryland Art place and received an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council. She is represented by Ricco Maresco Gallery in New York City and C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore.