Artist’s Statement
I CREATED these images because I care very much about the people who have had to COPE with breast cancer in their lives, in particular the WOMEN who have been subjected to irreversible, unacceptable, and often UNNECESSARY methods of treatment. I was never devastated about losing my breast. I was devastated about LOSING my life. ANGUISH and despair often get in the way of the hidden truth. They cripple us and take us away from the KNOWLEDGE that can bring forth a more sensual and spiritual message: about TRANSCENDING ego, transcending vanity, and leaving the SUPERFICIAL attachment to bodily image and sexuality behind. ARTISTS are messengers and though the TRUTH can be SHOCKING and uncomfortable, it still beats tricks, lies, and issues in DISGUISE.

Artist’s Bio
Matuschka is a New York based artist, activist and author whose photos and essays have been widely published in a variety of international publications since the 80s. She attended the School of Visual Arts in the mid-seventies and her accolades include the prize winning 1993 cover of New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Rachael Carson Award for her work addressing environmental concerns, a Gold Award from the World Press Foundation and a Pulitzer Prize nomination for photography. In 1996 the artist’s poster (“Time for Prevention”) commissioned by Greenpeace won the Best Environmental Poster Award and in 2003 LIFE Magazine chose Matuschka’s iconic self portrait, “Beauty out of Damage”, for their special tribute: “One Hundred Pictures That Changed the World.”