Artist Statement
My photographs attempt to synthesize the intimacies of a portrait with the mysteries of natural landscape. The settings are often vast and remote, the individuals incongruously isolated, hidden, or implied. These are mysterious, yet familiar, silent places in which to linger. Art which serves as a point of departure for some paths of thought are works which yield their subtleties only to steady, relaxed attention. I would like it to be possible for us to move between romantically remote realms of space and ambiguous realms of time where much is left untold, and poetries and dreams live.

Artist Bio
After growing up in the South Bronx and then the Los Angeles suburbs for the first eight years of her life, McLaren returned in New York to finish growing up, to attend school and, ultimately to teach in the South Bronx. Her work has been exhibited at the Carpenter Center (Harvard University), and published in Smart Art.