Elsa Horberg

Artist Statement
In my work I explore human issues such as memory, self-awareness, connectivity, and the intricacies of the brain. I grew up exposed to mental illness in my family and that created a deep curiosity about human behavior. Through the combination of photography and unexpected materials, I tell visual stories based on my own observations about what it means to be human.

– Elsa Horberg, 2016


Artist Bio

I was born and raised in Cuba, where I graduated from art school in 1990. For 2 years I worked as an art teacher on the island and in 2001 I moved to the USA. I lived in Los Angeles, CA for several years until 2014 when we moved to Mount Tremper in New York, where I currently reside. I am married to a film producer and together we have 2 children. I am now an American citizen.



Juror’s Statement
The artists in consideration for CPW’S 2016 Photographers’ Fellowship are a very strong group, and it is very exciting to know that imagery of this caliber is being created in the immediate area.

When considering a cohesive body of work, execution of artistry, a unique and consistent visual language, and the ultimate goals of CPW’s fellowship, I am pleased to have selected Elsa Horberg as this year’s recipient of the Photographer’s Fellowship. The sensitive multi-media treatments to the image challenge us, as viewers, to reconsider the surface and subject in a very evocative and meditative way. These images as objects and their thoughtfully constructed details exude a presence that is universal, and it keeps us intimately – and ultimately – connected to the artist’s voice. They leave evidence that is diverse, yet unique, to this artist’s hand – which results in authenticity and personality. With this, Horberg has actively sought to extend photography beyond its mechanical reproduction. I very much look forward to seeing more of Ms. Horberg’s work in the future.

– Fabienne Powell, 2016

Juror’s Bio
Fabienne Powell
, the New York State Office of General Services Assistant Curator of the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Art Collection and New York State’s Harlem Art Collection. Fabienne holds a BA in Photography from SUNY Albany and a Masters in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She has over a decade of gallery and museum experience.


Images (left to right):
Untitled, from the series Natalie, 2016. Photography and mixed media, 20×20″
Untitled, from the series Infinita-Mente, 2016. Photography and mixed media, 20×20″
Untitled, from the series Infinita-Mente, 2016. Photography and mixed media, 20×20″