Artist Statement
I work from meditative visions, from sketches, and improvisationally. Whether I am altering environments, constructing sets, creating an environment, or, as I have been doing recently, constructing three-dimensional scenes using photographs, I work playfully and prayerfully, drawing upon my interests in art, the history of science, and esoteric religion. For me, art is metaphorical expression and, when done with dexterity, it is a little like making magic.

Artist Bio
Horton was born in 1939 in Ohio and graduated with a masters degree in design from Ohio State University in 1964. He teaches at Pratt Institute and at Wm. Patterson College of New Jersey. Horton received a CAPS grant in 1977. His book, In Celebration of the Discovery of the Abandoned Star Factory, was published by Nexus Press in 1982-1983. Recently, Horton had a one-man show at Photocollect in New York City.