Elsa Horberg

2016 Woodstock Love

CPW is fortunate in every way. Located in one of the oldest artist colonies, this is where people come to creatively recharge. What we are missing is YOU. As the summer winds down, we ask that you send us a sign. A Love Whisper would let us know you care. A Love Nuzzle would tell us just how much. A Declaration of Love would sweep us off our feet!

1+1=2 Matching Fund

A very generous supporter has offered to match your gift one to one. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Please help us now — before the door on this opportunity closes. Love comes in all sizes. Even Love Whispers could take us far.

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Woodstock Love

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Your donation is very important to us at whatever support level you choose.

For instance,

  • $2,500 could sponsor one of our artists-in-residence
  • $1,000 could pay for a new lighting system
  • $500 could pay for a new color laser printer
  • $250 could sponsor a teenager for a young artist workshop
  • $100 could buy a new ladder for the gallery
  • $50 could buy stamps toward the next mailing
  • $10 would let us know you care.

Thank you for your continued support!

Image: Elsa Horberg, 2016 recipient of the CPW Photographer’s Fellowship
Untitled from the series Infinita-Mente, 2016, photography and mixed media