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Gina Osterloh

  GINA OSTERLOH Statement 1 For several years, my practice has focused on photographing the most minimal delineation of identity and space. In this investigation, the perception of space, both physical and psychological, begins with the body, a way of seeing that is based upon a person’s scale, outline, and pre-verbal patterns/responses. My interest in […]


Jacolby Satterwhite

  JACOLBY SATTERWHITE Statement I use video, performance, 3d animation, fibers, and drawing to explore themes of memory, desire, ritual, and heroism. A primary resource I am currently examining and utilizing are my mother’s drawings and music recordings. My mother’s battle with schizophrenia has influenced her to create songs of desire and thousands of schematic […]


Gerard H. Gaskin

  GERARD H. GASKIN Statement “You can’t go to Paris to do the runway, you can’t go to Broadway. But to become known that’s what it’s all about. The people who participate want to be liked, accepted, and loved; they go to the balls to be seen.” – Marcel Christian, appointed grandfather and historian of […]


Nikita Gale

  NIKITA GALE Statement I created this body of work out of a desire to re-imagine the year 1961 in the American South. In considering the relationship of past and present, I wanted to apply the omniscience that the present has over the past — in the sense that the present always knows the “future” […]


Alma Leiva

  ALMA LEIVA Statement In “Celdas” (Prison Cells), I use the absurdity intrinsic in magical realism to address the consequences of violence on the Central American people and the perpetuation of those consequences on the Central American immigrant in post 9/11 U.S. The economic and social situation in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras along with the […]


Sherwin Rivera Tibayan

  SHERWIN RIVERA TIBAYAN Statement I’ve begun using an out of service iPhone 3GS as a modern day Claude Glass.  The darkened reflective surface of the iPhone – or any smart phone – is extremely suggestive of this 18th and 19th century tool for the composition of landscapes.  [In this project I walked around] the […]


Ratna Khanna

  RATNA KHANNA Statement Khanna produces billboards and houses made of mirrors and situates them in the local landscape. She is interested in using the three-dimensional object in the form of the mirror sculpture to articulate a two-dimensional image. In her exploration of the Hudson Valley she intends to employ the landscape as a medium […]


Caleb Ferguson

  CALEB FERGUSON Statement Curiosity and understanding drive my photographic pursuit; photography is simultaneously my subjective reaction and impression on the world around me. Although my work is often placed in the documentary or photojournalism fields, I do not label myself as either. Photography is a pursuit, a way of life, and I am constantly […]


Kameelah Rasheed

  KAMEELAH RESHEED There is limited photographic evidence that my family ever existed. Photographs were lost when we were unlawfully removed from our home in 1998. Some photographs were water-damaged or accidentally trashed before we packed seven lives and accompanying articles into a burgundy station wagon and made our home in a 450-square foot illegal […]