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Hong-An Truong

Statement Viet Nam : Some Kind of History Since childhood I have struggled to comprehend images from the American/Viet Nam War. This struggle has always been characterized by an intimate anger and repulsion–at the image for permanently and visibly recording such atrocities, and at myself for somehow being connected to the people that were being […]


Sun Joo Shin

Statement The structure of a follicle identifies the subject’s character and origin. When identifying a missing person, a hair has enough information to specify the individual. Similar to fingerprints, no two people can have the same hair. Macro photographs of human hair reveal unique patterns, texture, and colors. The way people part their hair is […]


Deborah Bay

Statement This series developed out of concern over the vast amount of electronic waste generated by the ever-expanding digital culture – an accumulation of detritus that we continue to feed with our embrace of each new e-toy. To create the images in the series, I harvested circuit boards from discarded computers, monitors and telephones and […]


Isaac Diggs

Statement Passing Time is a collection of images made in Harlem over an eleven-year period.  They are united not only in their geography, but also in their attention to architecture, symbols, surface texture and the interplay of light and shadow.   Fundamentally the photographs are connected by process and a particular way of seeing.  I walked the […]


Isabelle Lumpkin

ISABELLE LUMPKIN Statement My recent work uses photography and collage as a fertile tool in the exploration of racial identity. This exploration is grounded in my experience as a bi-racial woman. The imagery in my work draws on and expands typical conceptions of eroticism, feminism, and fashion. In my work with photomontage, I juxtapose self-portraits […]


Xaviera Simmons

Statement What has become indispensable to my works is the push to construct my studio practice into one that is spontaneous, experimental and collaborative.  I work to dissolve the boundaries between myself as art maker in relation to the passerby, the potential participant, the viewer and the various landscapes I engage with. Idyllic, rural, urban […]


Kwabena Slaughter

Statement I think of cameras, along with photographs, as cultural artifacts. In the same way that an anthropologist can look at jewelry or clothing to learn about the culture that created those things, the design and function of a camera can tell us about the culture that created it. Whereas artistic media such as painting, […]


Vagner Whitehead

Statement Persoentage While searching for information online about my great-grandparents, I came across the website This site enables a member to find out which celebrity they most physically resemble. By submitting a frontal headshot a user can view their match instantly, through their face recognition software. I photographed my face with varying types of […]


Kanako Sasaki

Statement “In this world everything is a source of interest. And yet just one step ahead lies darkness. So we should cast off all gloomy thoughts about our earthy lot and enjoy the pleasures of snow, moon, flowers and autumn leaves and drinking wine; living our lives like a gourd bobbing buoyantly downstream. This is […]