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Dawit Petros

Statement In 1967, the pianist Glenn Gould traveled a thousand miles by train to the sub Arctic city of Churchill, Manitoba as a precursor to his radio documentary The Idea of North. Gould’s work was a meditation on solitude, isolation, and the relationship between the Canadian imagination and vast tracts of remote, northern land. But […]


Emily Momohara

Statement Koden: n. Condolence money traditionally given to bereaving families in Japanese culture. A Buddhist practice of compassion. The Koden series is a new and in-progress body of work.  After seven deaths of friends or family in the last year, I have begun to contemplate bereavement and legacy in a new way. The experiences I […]


Jeannette Louie

Statement The photo-collages represented here were created for inclusion in a video, entitled “Matter” that explores the emotion of anxiety.  For eight minutes, a stream of consciousness experiences an odyssey of sounds and sights which are highly subjective.  The video reflects my ongoing preoccupation with the psychology of thought and its relationship to emotional states […]


Ricardo Morales Hernandez

Statement My work consists in creating representations of an everlasting, perfect place. The constant interest in a peaceful realm is exteriorized mainly in my drawings but also in my photographic projects.  The investigation and process foment not only the idea of a perfect world, also share a reality that become a possibility of acceptance. Following the concept of […]


William Cordova

Statement The photography project “Chapters” evolved out of a need and commitment to acknowledge, document and archive marginalized histories. My source of inspiration came from monumental photographer James Van Der Zee and Martin Chambi. Both whose practice sought to uplift and insure a future for their race through the photographic process. Landscapes and landmarks were […]


LaToya Ruby Frazier

Statement THE NOTION OF FAMILY: FAMILY WORK 2002-2008 My position and role as daughter, photographer, and filmmaker transcends the objective practice in classic documentary, which has continuously undermined the Black family experience by avoiding our emotional and psychological realm. The collaboration between my family and myself blurs the line between self-portraiture and social document. Utilizing […]


Hee Jin Kang

Statement For several weeks, I visited this typical funfair located in an English market town.  During these hazy afternoons, the place was suspended in a hushed in-between time.  I made photographs that are full of color but subdued in mood. I was not looking for anything specific to photograph.  Mostly, I was just looking.  Discovering […]


Tim Portlock

Statement My work is an attempt to describe the cultural and social changes that have occurred in urban space since the end of the industrial era in America. I am especially interested by the crisis this shift has placed on established notions of community and the cultural vocabularies used to navigate the physical and cultural […]


Justine Reyes

Statement Taking inspiration from Dutch Vanitas paintings, these photographs incorporate personal artifacts within the traditional construct of still life. Pairing objects that belonged to my grandmother with my own possessions speaks to memory and the legacy that one leaves behind. Both the decomposition of the natural (rotting fruit and wilting flowers) as well as the break […]