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Rodrigo Valenzuela

RODRIGO VALENZUELA Statement I construct narratives, scenes, and stories which point to the tensions found between the individual and communities. I utilize autobiographical threads to inform larger universal fields of experience. Gestures of alienation and displacement are both the aesthetic and subject of much of my work. Often using landscapes and tableaus with day laborers […]


Jessica Vaughn

JESSICA VAUGHN Statement My practice is directed by relationships and experiences in and outside of the studio. I create assemblages in my studio which I then photograph outside in urban environments.  The locations I chose to shoot at – former cement factories, dams and reservoirs became the readymade for the large backdrops of tourist destinations […]


Noritaka Minami

NORITAKA MINAMI Statement This series of diptychs were shot at the Maverick Concert Hall (1916), a historic structure in Woodstock, New York conceived in 1916 by the utopian community-builder Hervey White.  This rustic building in the forest is a unique space in which the interior of the hall interacts with the natural environment that surrounds […]


Mijoo Kim

MIJOO KIM Statement I explore the anxieties and sadness that come with the process of aging from a young woman’s perspective and the expectations that this process brings. This mediation entails challenging and important questions about gender roles and representations of women, myself included. I focus on clothing as my primary subject matter, tracing memory, […]


Wenxin Zhang

WENXIN ZHANG Statement Beast by the Waterfall Guesthouse is a non-linear photographic story which discusses the loss and rediscovery of estrangement and desire. When I was a kid, I fantasized the world as a sleeping beast by a waterfall, who was gigantic, bizarre, and quiet. I was able to imagine it as my secret friend, […]


Daniel Ballesteros

  DANIEL BALLESTEROS Statement I am interested in the relationship between natural and constructed environments, how each helps define the other. In these juxtapositions I see a microcosm of all relationships, including the dichotomy of my ethnic (Filipino-American) and cultural (Midwest US) histories and how each has informed my identity. In addition to this view […]


Endia Beal

  ENDIA BEAL Statement From the intimate portraits of Julia Margret Cameron to the street scenes of Helen Levitt, I knew that my passion lay within art. As the middle child growing up in a single parent home, my mother recalls that I had a certain artistic “knack.” That interest became a cathartic vehicle for self-expression […]


Maria Buyondo

MARIA BUYONDO Statement Trained as a photographer, my artistic practice has expanded to a variety of mediums through which I thoroughly thread a concept. Focusing on an interest in social injustice and personal experience, my work reflects upon constrictions that we all struggle against and explores how society affects us. Through video and photography I […]


Kathya Maria Landeros

  KATHYA MARIA LANDEROS Statement Within my family narrative there are many tales of hardworking kinfolk who emigrated from Mexico to the United States for work. My great-grandfather worked in the mines in Arizona. My grandfather was a Bracero, part of a bilateral government sanctioned agricultural work program. And my grandmother and parents worked as […]