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Amanda Chestnut

AMANDA CHESTNUT Statement Amanda Chestnut’s work focuses on the representation of history, how information is preserved, and how the history of race and gender have come to impact modern narratives. Text is used to remind the viewer of the history of the language, to capitalize on current events, and to critically examine popular discourse. Archival […]


Kevin J. Miyazaki

KEVIN J. MIYAZAKI   Statement For the past 10 years, my work has addressed issues of memory, family history and space, both personal and institutional. Echo is a new body of work that addresses family history in an investigative manner. The name is taken from the newspaper my great grandfather founded in Hawaii in 1897, […]


Sasha Phyars-Burgess

SASHA PHYARS-BURGESS Statement I am trying to make sense of a place that is not responsible for my upbringing but is wholly responsible for my existence. The place that leaks into my daily references and confuses me about what I call home.  I do not always understand this place, though I long to be a […]


Motohiro Takeda

Black Hole, 2015 MOTOHIRO TAKEDA Statement All of the images in the series. “Another Sun” were made in my room camera obscura. The camera obscura is one of the oldest devices in human history with the capability to depict the outside world. Although photography was invented long after the invention of the camera obscura, it […]


Suné Woods

Suné Woods at work, Summer 2015, Woodstock, NY image by Sarah O’Connell   Suné Woods Statement My video work often deals with intangibles in relationships and the psychological spaces they often occupy. For the last few years I have been working with photography, video and collage. I am seeking to push the relationships between the […]


Antonia Kuo

  ANTONIA KUO Statement In the vast diversity of matter, there remains a consistent pulse that guides existence in some form. The cycles of birth, growth, decay and death embody an inevitable flux and instability. Matter is constant motion, impermanent and transformative–stasis an illusion. The human race, nature, and the Universe are perpetuated through time, […]


Sonia Louise Davis

SONIA LOUISE DAVIS Statement Using a large format view camera, my work mines the public and private archive, exploring collective memory and family history through site-specific and community based projects. My practice is inquisitive and meditative, equal parts documentary and autobiographical as I engage notions of empowerment, authorship and community. Throughout my work, slowing down […]


S. Surface

S. SURFACE Statement Since 2010, S. Surface has been photographing and competing as a bull rider on the First Frontier, the designation given to the East Coast of the US by professional rodeo organizations. Over the course of their residency, Surface continued to attend these and other informal rodeo events, as well as visited farms, facilities, […]


Daniel Bejar

DANIEL BEJAR Statement I am interested in the politics of history and memory and the roles they play in geography, individual and national identity, and the collective memory. Through forms of public engagement, performance, and intervention, my work introduces new layers of information into familiar public spaces and social systems, revealing narratives of power while […]