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Kenseth Armstead

Statement Alpha_braille is a series of work that examines the body, communication, coding and time. The works created are irony-laced visual poems that focus on the tolls employed in the act of seeing and recognition. The digital videos and objects that comprise the Alpha_Braille project re-code and re-sequence the body, making new visual forms of […]


Keisha Scarville

Statement Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the Image of the bride. I would wrap myself in white cloth and drape it from my head, pretending I was getting married. I no more understood marriage, than I did my own body. Though the idea of marriage was an anomaly to […]


Priya Kambli

Priya Kambli Statement My work has constantly dealt with issues of journey and memory. I integrate traditional photography with digital media, as well as elements of mixed media and Installation. When I moved to America in 1993, I crammed 18 years of my life into one suitcase. It weighed approximately 45 kg. It wasn’t until […]


Myra Greene

Statement Throughout my artistic practice I have returned to the body to explore a variety of issues. Issues of beauty, melancholy sentiment, physical and emotional recollections have played out on the surface of the skin. Self Portrait 2004 This work started in the winter of 2002, while I was experiencing my first true winter. The […]


Mayumi Terada

Statement In the bright room; calm, light air, gentle breeze, fresh breeze. The smell of white paint. The smell of bleach. I loved him more than my life. I don’t remember the reason why. This gaze seeks nothing. It knows that it is to be lost forever. Bio Born in Tokyo, Terada received her MFA […]


Terry Boddie

Statement Coal Man All around the world, charcoal is made by an ancient process of carbonizing wood through controlled burning under mounds of earth over a period of weeks. The resulting coal is the only affordable source of fuel for families in many parts of the world. As a result, charcoal making has contributed to […]


Yancey Hughes

Statement Apostles of the City It is often said,” that the soul of a city is found in its people”. In the City, the expression of self is nearly always an expression of relationship to others. This selfness is more refined. The message is in their faces and their form. Take away the noise of […]


Moonching Wu

Statement The idea of photography as the effective evidence of something that once existed is not significant to me. In order to truly achieve the unity between the objective and subjective, realistic rendering by a machine must be fortified with interpretation from the artist’s mind. As in Chinese painting, sketching the idea (xieyi), getting the […]


Felicia Megginson

Statement Over the past few years I have examined the idea of place as a metaphor for self and this body of work is a continuation of that investigation.  In The Poetics of Space, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard talks about the artist’s relationship to place and its influence on the creative process.  When writing about […]