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Freddy Martinez

FREDDY MARTINEZ Statement Not entirely essay, not entirely fiction—an interview is unnatural. Real talk, the sort of conversation you share breezily and without thought, isn’t what you see or read in an interview. What you see or read retells only an impartial story of what actually happened. What does an interview do other than burden […]


Claire A. Warden

CLAIRE A. WARDEN (Phoenix, AZ) Claire A. Warden’s work investigates the internal and external forces that accumulate and compound identity. Having been raised in a family with diverse ethnic heritage, she was led to reflect on the fluid, abstract nature of identity. She uses saliva and manual manipulation as part of her photographic process; symbolic acts […]


Jared Thorne

JARED THORNE (Columbus, OH) As a black artist investigating the culture of his own people, Jared Thorne seeks to challenge hegemonic as well as self-imposed constructs of Black identity in America and beyond. Recently he has been exploring the diasporic relationship between America and Africa. Thorne’s work centers on issues of race, social class and gender. He […]


Sheida Soleimani

SHEIDA SOLEIMANI (Cranston, RI) Sheida Soleimani’s work is overtly political and navigates the duality of her Iranian-American heritage. Her parents are political refugees, however, it was especially her mother’s stories of imprisonment and torture in Iran that politicized her views from a young age. Soleimani’s work focuses on Iranian political history and the victimization of women. Her vibrant photographs protest […]


Ke Peng

KE PENG (Los Angeles, CA) Ke Peng’s work explores the ways in which differences connect. She searches for contradictions, such as the distinctions found within similarity and the limitations and restrictions of spaces. Bio Peng received a BFA in photography from Rhode Island School of Design. She was raised in Shenzhen, China who now divides her time between Los Angeles and Southern […]


Ina Jang

INA JANG (Brooklyn, NY) Ina Jang describes her photography as “playful, light-hearted, and dreamy.” She maintains a close connection between drawing and photography in that her photographs emphasize two-dimensionality. She weaves paper scraps into her images to rid them of unwanted elements, and add a sense of play. Of her work Jang says “I want my […]


Juan Giraldo

JUAN GIRALDO (Chicago, IL) Juan Giraldo says of his work, “I have always been interested in industrial landscapes and the people that live and work in these spaces… My photographs depict the lives of people that live there; their experiences closely mirror my own.” Born in Manizales, Columbia; raised in Paterson, New Jersey; and now based […]


Tenzing Dakpa

TENZING DAKPA (Providence, RI) Tenzing Dakpa uses photography to create visual dialogues weaving loose, personal conversations with his subjects that sustain a sense of spontaneity. He says of his work, “My projects are not intended to affect communities or convey social messages. The subjects I have chosen to work with have always been personal in nature. In fact, […]


Nydia Blas

NYDIA BLAS (Ithaca, NY) Nydia Blas examines the concept of seeing oneself through the eyes of other people. Her photographs explore the ways in which girls become aware of the expectations of being gendered, racialized, and sexualized as they come to understand themselves. Bio Nydia holds a BS from Ithaca College and an MFA from Syracuse University. Nydia participated […]