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Daniel Ballesteros

  DANIEL BALLESTEROS Statement I am interested in the relationship between natural and constructed environments, how each helps define the other. In these juxtapositions I see a microcosm of all relationships, including the dichotomy of my ethnic (Filipino-American) and cultural (Midwest US) histories and how each has informed my identity. In addition to this view […]


Endia Beal

  ENDIA BEAL Statement From the intimate portraits of Julia Margret Cameron to the street scenes of Helen Levitt, I knew that my passion lay within art. As the middle child growing up in a single parent home, my mother recalls that I had a certain artistic “knack.” That interest became a cathartic vehicle for self-expression […]


Maria Buyondo

MARIA BUYONDO Statement Trained as a photographer, my artistic practice has expanded to a variety of mediums through which I thoroughly thread a concept. Focusing on an interest in social injustice and personal experience, my work reflects upon constrictions that we all struggle against and explores how society affects us. Through video and photography I […]


Kathya Maria Landeros

  KATHYA MARIA LANDEROS Statement Within my family narrative there are many tales of hardworking kinfolk who emigrated from Mexico to the United States for work. My great-grandfather worked in the mines in Arizona. My grandfather was a Bracero, part of a bilateral government sanctioned agricultural work program. And my grandmother and parents worked as […]


Jungeun Lee

  JUNGEUN LEE Statement During the Second World War (1932-1945), hundreds of thousands of Korean women became “Comfort Women,” which is a euphemism for women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. These women were conscripted into many Asian countries from Korea and imprisoned at military comfort stations. After the war, many of […]


Danielle Scruggs

  DANIELLE SCRUGGS Statement Taking photographs allows me to articulate things I do not often express in my day to day life. It’s a way for me to distill my experiences and thoughts into light and shadow on a screen or a print. Being a photographer and having a camera in hand also gives me […]


Joanna Tam

  JOANNA TAM Statement The gesture of putting “the right hand over the heart” is specified in Title 4, Section 4 (Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag; Manner of Delivery) and Title 36, Section 301 (National Anthem) of the Code of Laws of the United States. Manner of Delivery is an attempt to explore the […]