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Lourdes Correa-Carlo

Statement This body of work includes photographs of vernacular architecture that intervene with construction materials. My process begins with walks throughout the cities I have been living and the need to understand the social construction of those places. I photograph using a frontal approach to reduce the elements in the images towards a more formal […]


Tommy Kha

Statement “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees…” – Unattributed American Knees examines the notion of Yellowface, a pre-Hollywood-centric practice of casting Caucasian actors to play Asians and physically altering their appearances to give them stereotypical Asian facial characteristics. This practice gives Caucasian actors the “right” to represent Asian roles and mannerisms, thus allowing them control over Asian […]


Deana Lawson

Statement My work negotiates a knowledge of selfhood through a profoundly corporeal dimension; the photographs speaking to the ways that sexuality, violence, family, and social status may be written, sometimes literally, upon the body. What you see in her work is photographer as cultural anthropologist but also as cultural vivisectionist and forensic curator. Her practice […]


Gina Osterloh

Statement 1 For several years, my practice has focused on photographing the most minimal delineation of identity and space. In this investigation, the perception of space, both physical and psychological, begins with the body, a way of seeing that is based upon a person’s scale, outline, and pre-verbal patterns/responses. My interest in creating these set […]


Jacolby Satterwhite

Statement I use video, performance, 3d animation, fibers, and drawing to explore themes of memory, desire, ritual, and heroism. A primary resource I am currently examining and utilizing are my mother’s drawings and music recordings. My mother’s battle with schizophrenia has influenced her to create songs of desire and thousands of schematic drawings/inventions influenced by […]


Gerard H. Gaskin

Statement “You can’t go to Paris to do the runway, you can’t go to Broadway. But to become known that’s what it’s all about. The people who participate want to be liked, accepted, and loved; they go to the balls to be seen.” – Marcel Christian, appointed grandfather and historian of the House Ballroom Society. […]


Nikita Gale

Statement I created this body of work out of a desire to re-imagine the year 1961 in the American South. In considering the relationship of past and present, I wanted to apply the omniscience that the present has over the past — in the sense that the present always knows the “future” of the past […]