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Eyakem Gulilat

Statement My work is about how identity is formed in the in-between spaces of cross cultural encounter. I gravitate towards communities which are underrepresented and who often do not have a place in main stream media. I treat my camera as a tool that captures one moment of a larger dialogue that occurs between me […]


Grace Kim

  GRACE KIM Statement My work is born out of a need to explore intangible experiences and the inner restlessness one feels when encountering an idea or subject that is familiar yet unknown. I want to understand and give form to the subliminal, and to engage my own and the viewer’s imagination as though we […]


Pixy Liao

  PIXY LIAO Statement As a woman, I used to think that I could only fall in love with someone that I adore, who is more mature than me, older than me, a protector, a mentor. Then I met my boyfriend, Moro, who is 5 years younger than me. I felt the whole relationship change. […]


Rebecca Martinez

  REBECCA MARTINEZ Statement Babies create strong emotions for the bearer, holder, and observer. I have discovered this holds true even when it is known the baby is not real. I am photographing dolls that are created to look like living babies. They are constructed and weighted to feel like infants, which includes a head […]


Yamini Nayar

  YAMINI MAYAR Statement My photographs of imagined spaces are built on tabletops from found and raw materials. They are documented with a large-format camera an dafterward, are disassembled and discarded. Built structures – from religious to the mundane – and found imagery are starting points for my installations that explore space as a repository […]


Jeanette Rodriguez

  JEANETTE RODRIGUEZ Statement The production and exhibition of my work requires a complex relationship between the integral aspects of alternative printing techniques and the artists’ method. My attraction to historic photographic processes such as Platinum/Palladium lies in the alchemist’s patience it takes to refine. The romantic cachet of precisely mixed precious metals, hand painted […]


Paul Mpagi Sepuya

    PAUL MPAGI SEPUYA Statement I make photographs about the act of portrait making, and the desire to look and understand the connection circuits and relationships between people. I photograph those clsoe to me and I use repetition and simple formal structures to emphasize the shared emotional line that connects these friends, romantic relationships, […]


Sofia Silva

  SOFIA SILVA Statement I have been working with images from the media, specifically pictures from publicity shots, magazines, and movies. In this work I portray the bodies, selves, dreams, and desires that dwell in a society of consumerism. The bodies are fractured, their parts could be anybody’s; the Hollywood love stories display a standardized […]