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Lawrence Getubig

Statement Growing up in Asia, I used to play with toy action figures. Yet, I seldom identified as the hero in my fantasy. Instead, I projected myself as either an enamored ingenue in romance comics, as a loyal adoring sidekick, or as the cohort that would get into trouble but eventually be rescued by the […]


Tia-Simone Gardner

Statement In Toni Morrison’s book, Playing in the Dark, she talks about how the foundation of American literature uses a coded language of “darkness” to invoke and imagine “the other”. I thought that it was an interesting counterpoint to gospel music which invokes darkness both literally and metaphorically as a safe place where secrets are […]


Daniel Handal

Statement Today, the average farmer in the United States is 57 years old, yet there is a growing exodus of educated 20- and 30-somethings who have opted to live in the country and work on farms rather than seek more traditional work in cities. This series, Between Forest and Field, focuses on this new breed […]


Donna J. Wan

Statement Promised Lands is about perceptions of the contemporary landscape. The 19th century Hudson River School painters established an idealized and romanticized view of the American landscape with their paintings featuring towering mountains, overwhelming sies, vast fields, and endless seas. Especially with regard to the West, the landscape became a symbol for freedom, opportunity, and […]


Wayne Hodge

Statement My work combines both photographs and collage-based elements. They act as both portrait and poster, combining advertising elements of the past, specifically blackface minstrel shows, with contemporary digital technology. These elements are placed to obscure or reveal the facial features central to depictions of the minstrel (eyes, mouth) as areas that are differentiated from […]