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Margarida Correia

Statement Saudade / Saudade is a project about the relationship between people from my generation, those born in 1972, and objects of personal use that are held in sentimental regard. These objects, thought to be ephemeral and subject to the vicissitudes of time, have somehow lasted until today. Each piece is represented by three photographs: […]


Marlo Marrero

Statement My Latina Self / My Other Self I am bi-racial, and my photographs speak to aspects of that dual identity. Half of these images were shot in the Caribbean, where the community of Los Dajaos helped me to foster a heightened understanding of my Latina-self. The other images were taken at my family’s home […]


Natasha Moustache

Statement The monumental structures that make up the Lowell Mills complex, once a thriving center of industrialization in Massachusetts, are now nothing more than eyesores clinging to the periphery of a city that once thrived upon their mere existence. Over the last century the fast pace of technological advancement has out-moded many systems of production, […]


Rishi Singhal

Statement Today our world is changing at a pace unparalleled in human history and the conditions of states around the world are getting re-defined by constantly shifting social, political, and economic forces. In my work I investigate both natural and built environments and their interrelationship. I am particularly drawn toward certain transient zones within urban […]


Toshi Ueshina

Statement The practice of photography is my means of personal and spiritual cultivation. In my journeys and daily life making photographs of my surroundings is a contemplative and poetic process. The images I make address those things that I can sense when deeply, narrowly, and secretly tuned into the heart of my experiences. Bio Toshi […]


Preston Wadley

Statement My work uses the book as an iconographic artifact, purely visual, in which the image, structure, and materials are the content. Although they may not have pages that turn or work like books we are accustomed to. They have escaped their expected function. The physical presence of a book speaks to knowledge preserved and […]