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Noelle Tan

Statement While Untitled and Drawings may differ visually and in content, both challenge customary expectations of photography. They function in a singular manner, interacting with conceptions of photography and photographic processes. These bodies of work depict landscapes that hover between emerging and being, the seen and the subliminal. Unlike traditional landscape images, they are landscape […]


Sun Joo Shin

Statement The structure of a follicle identifies the subject’s character and origin. When identifying a missing person, a hair has enough information to specify the individual. Similar to fingerprints, no two people can have the same hair. Macro photographs of human hair reveal unique patterns, texture, and colors. The way people part their hair is […]


Kenseth Armstead

Statement Alpha_braille is a series of work that examines the body, communication, coding and time. The works created are irony-laced visual poems that focus on the tolls employed in the act of seeing and recognition. The digital videos and objects that comprise the Alpha_Braille project re-code and re-sequence the body, making new visual forms of […]


Keisha Scarville

Statement Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the Image of the bride. I would wrap myself in white cloth and drape it from my head, pretending I was getting married. I no more understood marriage, than I did my own body. Though the idea of marriage was an anomaly to […]


Priya Kambli

Priya Kambli Statement My work has constantly dealt with issues of journey and memory. I integrate traditional photography with digital media, as well as elements of mixed media and Installation. When I moved to America in 1993, I crammed 18 years of my life into one suitcase. It weighed approximately 45 kg. It wasn’t until […]


Myra Greene

Statement Throughout my artistic practice I have returned to the body to explore a variety of issues. Issues of beauty, melancholy sentiment, physical and emotional recollections have played out on the surface of the skin. Self Portrait 2004 This work started in the winter of 2002, while I was experiencing my first true winter. The […]