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Dorothy Imagire

Statement Our Cosmetic Case, 2002 For this piece, I chose only illustrations of non-white, non-black women on products in our society. These images become complicated for me because at the same time that I try to identify with these images, I resent having to compare myself to them. The compacts demonstrate the comparison made between […]


Tulu Bayar

Statement The recent increase in violence and incendiary rhetoric (which in turn, only begets more violence), has affected me deeply as it has most people. As tensions rise and the world braces for an ideological standoff, perhaps now, more than ever, there is a need for understanding and open discourse which addresses the similarities of […]


Hong-An Truong

Statement Viet Nam : Some Kind of History Since childhood I have struggled to comprehend images from the American/Viet Nam War. This struggle has always been characterized by an intimate anger and repulsion–at the image for permanently and visibly recording such atrocities, and at myself for somehow being connected to the people that were being […]


Mayumi Terada

Statement In the bright room; calm, light air, gentle breeze, fresh breeze. The smell of white paint. The smell of bleach. I loved him more than my life. I don’t remember the reason why. This gaze seeks nothing. It knows that it is to be lost forever. Bio Born in Tokyo, Terada received her MFA […]


Terry Boddie

Statement Coal Man All around the world, charcoal is made by an ancient process of carbonizing wood through controlled burning under mounds of earth over a period of weeks. The resulting coal is the only affordable source of fuel for families in many parts of the world. As a result, charcoal making has contributed to […]


Yancey Hughes

Statement Apostles of the City It is often said,” that the soul of a city is found in its people”. In the City, the expression of self is nearly always an expression of relationship to others. This selfness is more refined. The message is in their faces and their form. Take away the noise of […]