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Moonching Wu

Statement The idea of photography as the effective evidence of something that once existed is not significant to me. In order to truly achieve the unity between the objective and subjective, realistic rendering by a machine must be fortified with interpretation from the artist’s mind. As in Chinese painting, sketching the idea (xieyi), getting the […]


Felicia Megginson

Statement Over the past few years I have examined the idea of place as a metaphor for self and this body of work is a continuation of that investigation.  In The Poetics of Space, French philosopher Gaston Bachelard talks about the artist’s relationship to place and its influence on the creative process.  When writing about […]


Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

Statement An Indian from India As an immigrant, I am often questioned about where I am “really from.” When I say that I am Indian, I often have to clarify that I am an Indian from India. Not an American-Indian, but rather an Indian-American, South-Asian Indian or even an Indian-Indian. It seems strange that all […]


Howard Henry Chen

Statement I have spent the last few years living and photographing in Vietnam. It was a heady time to be there as a young Vietnamese American who came of age in the United States, as I witnessed changing social and political sensibilities and the demanding reach of economic and cultural globalism. Before I first arrived […]


Stephen Marc

Statement My work is an extended exploration of the African Diaspora. During my residency in Woodstock, I photographed and began the construction of new montages based on the places that I visited. Several of the pieces have been absorbed into a larger ongoing project titled Passage on the Underground Railroad, where they have become important […]