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Yoshi Sugitatsu

Statement When I was a kid , I loved to daydream. I liked to escape from reality. My daydreams were always traveling in my fantasy world. I created my fantasy worlds from fairy tales. The Soap Bubbles series is a recreation of my daydreams. I use the soap bubble as a metaphor for myself, traveling […]


Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

Statement My work through the mediums of photography and installation “documents” daily activities in different daily settings. I have been making self-portraits as triptychs that explore the passage of time and the relationship of the individual to the environment. I am interested in alluding to performance and voyeurism to investigate the role of the photograph […]


Kunié Sugiura

Statement Kunie Sugiura’s photograms are unlike their near relative, the traditional photograph, they are both not-here and here, not-now and now. By deliberately turning back the clock to the earliest era in photo history, she reminds us of the fragile, slight foundation upon which the triumph of the reproductive regime rests. Sugiura employs only indexical […]


Juri Kim

Statement My recent work represents the complexity of communication. These images reveal how different cultural and ethnic methods of communication intersect with my own daily life. I search for a relationship between the single hand alphabet of the deaf and the visual language of myself and other artists. I have created my own system of […]