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Yumiko Izu

Yumiko Izu Artist Statement The photographs in this series entitled Secret Garden have been developed out of an exploration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers. Everything in this world has its end and nothing remains unchanged. Flowers, petals, stems, pollens and ruins, they vanish out of the darkness slowly with a hint of sorrow. The […]


James Heil

James Heil Artist Statement Like music that has power to evoke emotions, photography has beauty that people can relate with. Photographic beauty is accepted by viewers whether or not it makes sense. This beauty can break down any barrier, and create an avenue of communication through feeling. My goal is to raise viewers’ awareness of […]


Harvey Osterhoudt

Harvey Osterhoudt Artist Statement The subject matter of the black and white photographs in this portfolio are unpretentious stuff –trees, houses, fences—in unimportant places – a backyard, a street corner, a hillside – in short, nothing newsworthy or likely to attract tourists. There are no birds-eye or worms-eye views nor dogs that look six feet […]