Sarah Greer Mecklem

Sarah Greer Mecklem

Taking Time

October 25 – December 20, 1998

Daughter of Woodstock painters, Austin Mecklem and Marianne Appel, Sarah Greer Mecklem was born in Kingston, raised with her family in Woodstock, until she moved to New York City at the age of ten. She attended the High School of Music and Art and Cooper Union.

She dropped out of art school in 1966 and opened a boutique in the East Village selling handmade toys and clothing. She later became involved in developing community and public art programs receiving grants from the Metropolitan Transit Authority, D’Agastino Supermarkets, and United Settlement Houses for cooperative mural projects. She spent over twelve years curating exhibitions reflecting artists’ concern with social and political awareness.

In 1989 Sarah began to return to the Catskill area as a Byrdcliffe Arts Colony resident. Over this time she conceived of the project on the history of the Overlook Mountain House, which was installed in 1994/95 with support from the Douglas C. James Charitable Trust.

Sarah has recently bought a building in the historic Roundout area of Kingston, where her father often made collages and painted in the 1930’s. Sarah has two children, Tessa Kleeman, a creative thinker, and Arrow Austin Kleeman, a painter and musician.