Phyllis McCabe

Phyllis McCabe


April 1 – May 6, 2000

I like to think of my photography as a means of expressing my appreciation and acknowledgement of the beauty in the world  – I bring this beauty to the eyes of others. My work consists of subjects in nature ranging from a single raindrop to a full-scale landscape.

The simple, uncontrived, and uncongested character of the Hudson Valley allows my artwork to be all of these things. I appreciate being surrounded by a constantly changing yet timeless scene and I try to create a balance between tranquility and stimulation.

My photographs reflect subtleties of our natural environment through seasonal change. I like to return to locations I have previously photographed and try to capture a new essence with the transformation of light and color. I seek to reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary. What I see is what I get. I am technically a purist and do not use filters, crop my images, or set up any of my photographs. I see the world as it is and its natural, ever changing faces.

Phyllis McCabe lives in Kingston, New York. Her work has appeared in Hudson Valley Magazine and on the cover of the guidebook The Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.