Kiriko Shirobayashi


March 23 – May 19 2002

We should find perfect existence through imperfect existence. – Suzuki

I collect. I collect visuals like some collect objects. Except for me they are not objects. They are moments. Moments that I must have. Always. With me. It is my collection of personal moments that I respond to. It is an obsession. I must possess them. These moments are in my heart, but I need to be able to take them out. To look. To know they are with me. The good moments in my life. Lost friends. Memories of happiness. There are no issues in the images. They are emotional and all of them are portraits of myself, being part of myself. It is my diary. A place I can go back to when I want to look back. Nothing is written but they speak to me and make more sense than any other words or sentences. It is a lifelong project. But I love to collect. Moments that matter to me. Moments that make me smile. Laugh. Cry. Remember who I am and where I cam from. Collected Moments is a life-long project. As my life changes so does the installation.

Kiriko Shirobayashi received BFA in photography from Osaka University of Art in Japan and moved to the United States in 1995 where she completed her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. A resident of NYC, Kiriko has shown at the Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, SOHO Photo Gallery in NYC, and the Sara Nightingale Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY. She was recently an artist-in-residence at the Kala Institute in Berkeley California.